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Vrmac Hill (710 m)

At this time of year many of the northern peaks are either inaccessible or dangerous, and the temperature on the coast is not too high, so the coastal mountains are an attractive option. Vrmac is a relatively low-lying peak encompassing a long area – I suppose you could call it a peninsula, from Kotor out to Lepetani, it must be 10 km long. There seem to be plenty of paths – we decided to park the car in Kamenari and take the ferry across (it was free for pedestrians, I don’t know whether it will stay that way), and walk to Donja Lastva, where there is a signpost and asphalted road leading up into the woods. After the end of the asphalt road, there trails are good-quality and clearly marked. After a winding climb up we reached the top of the ridge and the trail led us along the top of the Vrmac massif in the direction of Kotor. We took a path down towards the southern side of the hill (having climbed up the north side), which led through an old abandoned village, with the