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Maglić (from the Montenegrin side)

This climb was definitely the highlight of my mountaineering year! As with the climbs of Trnovački Durmitor and Vrsta earlier documented on this blog, we started from the village of Ćalasani, accessed from a left turn after crossing the Piva hydroelectric dam from Plužine, through Mratinje, as far as you can get by road. I have to emphasise at the outset that this walk is almost completely uphill all the way until the peak of Maglić, but has a wonderful range of different terrain – woodland, which is incredible during the mid-to-late autumn, then bare rocks, then grass, and you are rewarded with great views of Lake Trnovac. The time estimates on the signposts do not include breaks! The GPS data from my phone informs me that, while the journey to the peak took us just over 3 hours not counting breaks, it was more like 6 hours including breaks. Given the fact that the elevation gain is from 985m to 2,336m, i.e. lots, this is not surprising. Overall, we took over 11 hours fo