Sušica Canyon walk

 This canyon walk is a good summertime walk because about half of it is through woodland. There is room to park on the road from the village of Nedajno towards Mala Crna Gora, at the bottom of the canyon, where there is a mountain lodge, where during the summer there is often a park ranger issuing tickets for Durmitor National Park (and perhaps charging for parking), although he was actually at the lodge by Lake Škrka (the other end of the canyon) when we walked. There is also a spring here where you can fill up with cold water. The walk starts from Lake Sušica, leading along its west shore (the eastern side is just rocks, and is hard on the ankles) and then along the canyon, mainly keeping the River Sušica on the left side. During the summer, this river largely dries up (presumably the reason for the river’s name). There is one large clearing that is full of nettles, but this seems now to be cleared during the tourist months, so long trousers are no longer essential for this walk. After a few kilometres the path heads to the left and up, and when you come out of the wood, there is a path that snakes left, passing a waterfall. After this climb, there is relatively flat walk up to the lake. There are two lakes, in fact. The more photogenic one, Large Skrka Lake, is visible from the peaks of Prutaš (the peak on the right as you approach the lake) and Bobotov kuk, Durmitor’s highest peak (in front of you as you approach the lake); the smaller one – I’ll let you speculate on its name – is to the right past the mountain hut. It is possible to stay overnight in the hut, although it is very basic, but there is water and plenty of wood, although there are park fees for using these facilities. The return journey is along the same path. However, there are alternative walks that will take you to the road that circles Durmitor to the south via the peak of Prutaš, the Škrčka zdrijela pass or the Crveni pasovi pass. Unless you stay overnight, it is unlikely that you would have enough time to climb Bobotov kuk from here and get back to a road before dark.


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