Pestingrad/Djerinski vrh

 Although I had hiked part of this trail before when I explored the mountains above Kotor, walking from Kotor to Krstac and then along an Austro-Hungarian road to Zalazi and then down to Sveti Stasije, I had not climbed up to a famous viewpoint called Pestingrad, which is very close to Krstac. Since the coastal mountains are snow-free most of the year, this was an ideal time to explore, rather than the middle of summer (when I last walked there) with temperatures into the thirties. The path was very easy to find and follow from the restaurant right next to the road, near to the entrance to Njegusi. We got a little lost at one point but refound the trail, and then when Pestingrad came into sight (there is a path down to the left, as you face Kotor, which leads to the hill of Pestingrad), however, we decided instead to climb the higher peak of Đerinski vrh and were able to take a shortcut down on the Krstac side. It was a fairly short hike, but with lots of scrambling up rocky slopes, maybe 2 hours plus rests.


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