River Grabovica 8 & 23 March

These two hikes were explorations of the River Grabovica which flows into the River Komarnica via the Skakavica Waterfall, which is visible from and very close to the road that leads to Komarnica, just before the parking for Nevidio Canyon. There are trail markers to the right side of the gulch leading from the waterfall, which take you upwards on a winding path. There are frequent views down onto the waterfall and the river that feeds it. With some difficulty you can get closer to the river at one part where the flow narrows and plunges downwards. If you have nerves of steel you can jump across the river here for a nice view. The canyon is not accessible upstream from here, at least it wasn’t in spring when the flow is strongest. We climbed up towards the main Savnik-Zabljak road, and walked about 200 metres along it until we found a turn-off which leads down back to the river along a stony track. The river is shallow enough to cross here (barefoot or with waterproof boots, although possibly in the other seasons the flow may dry up altogether). One trail from here leads down to the Komarnica Valley (from which you can close the loop from the start), while another leads further up the Grabovica Canyon, where you can follow the flow, albeit sometimes from a distance, all the way to the village of Grabovica (which is accessible by asphalt road).


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